JP Indonesian Brainbreaks

Baby TV – A variety of videos for young learners of Indonesian. You will need to scroll through them to find ones that aren’t too fast or that go out of bounds, but a few have great potential. One I particularly liked was the 5 monkeys one which is highly repetitive and would be a good followup for target structures melompat and counting to 5.

Senam penguin – a fun quick brainbreak dance. Murid murid mau berdansa?

2 thoughts on “JP Indonesian Brainbreaks

  1. Bronwyn says:

    Thanks for this interesting post. I can’t seem to get the link to work for Baby TV. Are you able to provide a more specific link? Thank you!


    • bucathy says:

      I am not sure why the link isn’t working for you. If you are still having trouble, google Babytv Bahasa Indonesia and it should be the first listing. Have fun…..


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