Erin Gotwal Part 1 & 2

Here I sit, planning my 2nd week of lessons for my junior primary classes. I must keep in mind that many students are preliterate, especially the brand new reception students (5 year olds)! I have been searching online for activities suitable for preliterate students and stumbled across these 2 inspiring videos.

While Erin’s students are definitely not new reception students, I love how she supports everything she says with text and/or illustrations. This reduces the cognitive load for her very young students by supporting comprehension. Ingenious.

Erin uses so many techniques that are perfect for R-2 students. Watch and enjoy!

PS. If the links don’t work for you, google Erin Gotwals part 1 & Erin Gotwals part 2.

6 thoughts on “Erin Gotwal Part 1 & 2

  1. Tanya Harrison says:

    Bu Cathy,
    I think both of the links are part 1.
    This really encouraged me to use less English in my instructions. I have slipped into using too much English even though I know the students will pay attention to what I’m saying and learn the instructions if I tell them in Indonesian. Thanks for that. Tanya

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    • bucathy says:

      Thank you heaps for letting me know I’ve mixed up the second link. I’ll fix it up!
      It’s cool isn’t it watching a class of young’uns following along when the teacher is almost 100% in the language!! So inspiring.


      • bucathy says:

        I’ve just replaced the second link with the correct link and thought I’d better add that for me, it takes the good part of a semester to get my reception/prep classes to the point where we can stay in Indonesian for 90% of the lesson. It is a gradual build up using stories that help target the language students need (in a classroom context) to achieve that. I am always amazed in week 1 knowing that this bunch of squirrelly students (new preps/receptions) will transform into a beautiful, focused bunch of students within weeks. It is such an incredible transition.


  2. Sasha says:

    I took 2 great things I can implement right away from this, the first was the wait time she gives to the students, and the second was the activity where she got the students to show the gestures with their eyes closed.

    My bahasa is so rusty, would the language for this activity be along the likes of “tutup mata kamu” or just “tutup mata”? Then, Show Me…, how would you say this? “Lihatkan saya” ? Makasih Bu


    • bucathy says:

      That’s so great to hear you found these videos useful!!
      I like to keep the language I use with my students really simple – soo just say tutup mata & for show me I say Bu Cathy mau lihat OR kasihlihat Bu Cathy!
      Does that sound ok?


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