Google Doodles; Indonesia

La Maestra Loca recently posted about a great Mexican game, Loteria, that is available through the Google Doodles Archive.  The game is a Mexican Spanish version of bingo. I throughly enjoyed playing the game and could see instantly how it would be a great brain break!! So naturally this led me on a journey to investigate the archive from my Indonesian perspective and discovered many languages are represented in the archive!

Most of the Indonesian google doodles are either static or with minimal animation (see the rafflesia one here) and offer no opportunity for interaction but here is one that could be a brain break idea:

  1. 37th Anniversary of Komodo National Park

google doodle

This one is entirely in English and is a quick true/false quiz about komodo dragons!

I can’t find any other interactive google doodles specifically about Indonesia and if you know of any, please comment below to add to the collection!

12 thoughts on “Google Doodles; Indonesia

  1. Kristy Kranz says:
  2. AM says:

    Hello, I’m wondering whether you offer any online private classes? Or, can you perhaps recommend any TPRS teachers of Indo/Malay. Thank you.


    • bucathy says:

      Thank you for your question. I ordinarily would be very interested in teaching Indonesian online, however at this point in time, I just do not have the time. I recommend asking on the TCI/TPRS Indonesian facebook group and seeing if anyone there can help you.
      If you are still keen later in the year, contact me again and hopefully life is a lot less complicated!


  3. bucathy says:

    That’s good to know – if you were in the northern hemisphere that would be too complicated!
    I am working almost full time atm but next year would be very interested in teaching a group online.


  4. AM says:

    That sounds nice – i’m currently learning Chinese with Diane Neubauer – but im interested in venturing into a little Arabic, Indo, Spanish, Bisaya just to spice it up. 😉


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