TRT Planning Ideas

4 Square – (Martina Bex) using a worksheet, students identify the definition, the
antonym, and the synonym for a word as well as put it in s sentence. For primary students, the first 3 could be in English yet the sentence would be in Indonesian. The middle box would be good for an illustration!

Read, Write, Ask (Mike Coxon) – provide students with a 100% comprehensible story and then ask them to complete this activity.

Story scramble– (posted by Kate Chambers Misawa on the iFlt/NTPRS/CI Teachers Facebook page It’s like a running dictation, but you give them 5-8 chunks of a story out of order. Students read, determine the order, rewrite the story and then translate. The story doesn’t need to be longer than a page and this lasts for a good chunk of a 55 minute lesson for high school students. 


Cutting up the EvidenceSenora Jota Jota A cool lesson idea that could easily be run by a TRT/CRT with little to no language knowledge.

Running DictationMartina Bex & La Maestra Loca

Memory – thanks to Hannah for this awesome idea. Students are given an A4 page with 16 rectangles (two columns of 8) on it. On the board are a variety of target structures and their english meaning. Students choose 8 and write neatly the L2 word on one rectangle and its L1 meaning on another. Cards are cut out and in pairs, students can play memory, snap, go fish or any other card game they know. Students can also use their cards to play against a friend to see who can match their pairs the fastest. They cana then take the cards home to play again at home!!