TRT Planning Ideas

4 Square – (Martina Bex) using a worksheet, students identify the definition, the
antonym, and the synonym for a word as well as put it in s sentence. For primary students, the first 3 could be in English yet the sentence would be in Indonesian. The middle box would be good for an illustration!

Read, Write, Ask (Mike Coxon) – provide students with a 100% comprehensible story and then ask them to complete this activity.

Story scramble– (posted by Kate Chambers Misawa on the iFlt/NTPRS/CI Teachers Facebook page It’s like a running dictation, but you give them 5-8 chunks of a story out of order. Students read, determine the order, rewrite the story and then translate. The story doesn’t need to be longer than a page and this lasts for a good chunk of a 55 minute lesson for high school students. 

Cutting up the EvidenceSenora Jota Jota A cool lesson idea that could easily be run by a TRT/CRT with little to no language knowledge.

Running DictationMartina Bex & La Maestra Loca