Preliterate TCI/TPRS Activities

Pre-Story Activities

  • Listen & Draw – Teacher says a sentence from the story, students listen to the sentence and then illustrate the sentence to demonstrate comprehension. While the students are drawing, teacher repeats the sentence repeatedly adding at least one comprehension check.
  •  Chinese whispers with words or sentences
  • Mewarnai – students have a sheet of pics related to story about to be covered and teacher gives instructions like mewarnai dua topi merah (colour 2 hats red)
  • Charades – student does an action/gesture and class has to guess what they are doing
  • Raja Monyet -Student A leaves the room/closes their eyes. Teacher appoints a student and they become monyet/buaya/kancil (whatever target structure you are targeting). Student A is then invited to approach 3 different students seated in the circle guessing which one is the buya, moonyet etc. Student A asks 3 students, “Siapa nama?” (Whats your name?) one by one. If they are not buaya/kancil/pohon they answer with “Nama saya and their name (My name is …..) If they ask the buaya/monyet/kancil’ they will answer with, “Nama saya kancil” or Nama saya buaya etc.
  • Guess the gesture – student comes sout the front and the class does a gesture and student has to give the Indonesian for it.
  • Flyswatter Game – on the floor in the middle of a circle of students, are pics of the target structures. In groups of 3, students take it in turns to stand up with a flswatter. Teacher says a structure and students try to be the first to swat the corresponding pic.
  • Picture Bingo
  • Pictionary – in pairs one student is the artist and one is the guesser. The artist chooses one of a bank of given target structures and the writer has to work out which one it is. If students are literate, make it silent pictionary and the the guesser can only write down their guesses.
  • Teacher holds up 2 pictures from the story and holds them apart widely. Teacher then says, buaya?  Students point to the crocodile, teacher says kancil and students point to the mouse deer. Etc could be extended with 4 children standing in different corners!
  • PQA using soft teddies.
  • Picadilly Circus (credit Play is the Way) students standing in a circle. One has a soft ball or teddy and stands in the  middle. Student randomly chooses a student standing in the circle and approaches them to ask a question (whats your name?) or half of a target structure (don’t). As they ask the chosen student, the hand over the ball and the student replies appropriately (my name is) or (get too close). The first student then steps back into the circle replacing  the other student, who is off now repeating the question/phrase to another student, and sits down. Game continues until everyone is seated. This game can be timed with older students to encourage automaticitiy and also another object can be introduced and students can not sit down until they have held both objects!
  • Hatchi Patchi/Detective – one student leaves the room and a leader is chosen. This leader leads the actions which the rest must follow without giving away who the leader is. The actions would be gestures that the students know. See here for extension ideas.
  • Siapa Monyet? – Hangman style game for students. Teacher writes dashes on the board for a word/sentence. Students guess a letter one  by one and if correct add to dashes and if incorrect begin drawing the monyet.  One body part per incorrect answer. If the students lose, they have to act out like a monkey and if the teacher loses, she/he  has to act out like a monkey.fullsizerender

Post Story Activities

  • Listen & Draw
  • Unjumble words from a sentence
  • Catharina’s Duplo activity – teacher reads the story  sentence by sentence while students are seated in a circle and in the middle of the circle is a pile of duplo. If the sentence that the teacher readss out is correct, students can take a piece of duplo. If the sentence is incorrect, students can not take any duplo. This is an excellent lilstening activity and fun too. Students can play with their duplo while listening!
  • Sequence pictures from a story
  • Pick a sentence and illustrate
  • Match pictures and sentences – teacher led
  • Feltboard retelling
  • Oral cloze retell
  • Echo reading – Teacher reads first in TL and students echo the translation.
  • All the worlds a Stage – in partners, students reenact the story as the teacher retells it.
  • Flyswatter Game – Keith Toda
  • Picture or statue – K.C. Kless
  • Para! – Mrs Spanish & Keith Toda
  • Take a story – Christine McCormick on the iFLT/NTPRS/CI Teaching Facebook Page
    -You illustrate a story. As you tell, they put pictures in order. OR they just put pics in order and retell story.
  •  Musical Story Review –  Turn on your favorite Spanish song. Students walk around the room. Then, when you stop the music, they listen for a sentence from the story that they then act out. For example, (stop music) “The butterfly flies to México” or “The snake says -I like the desert-” Of course you do this in the target language. MrsSpanish
  • Parallel story Powerpoint
  • Create a booklet on the photocopier with a sentence from the story on each page. Students illustrate one page at a time while the teacher or a student reads the text out. Students can then take the booklet home to read to parents, siblings and pets!
  • Create a class book – Organise the story so that one sentence is on one page. Print the pages on A3 and distribute randomly to students – if more students than pages, hand out duplicate copies. When pictures are completed, reduce them on the photocopier to A4 (you’ll be amazed at how much this improves the illustrations) and then bind. Optional – laminate each page.
    Credit Annie Beach & Amy Vanderdeen for this strategy.
  • Drawing dictationKeith Toda
  • Draw, Listen, Check Spanish Mama
  • Silent True/False Reading (shared by Alina Filipescu)
    In pairs, students read silently for X minutes, then each draw 2 pics about the text (1 true, 1 FALSE). Students swap papers, and partner points to the True pic. Pairs now trade papers with another pair, and determine the new True pics with partner.
  • Whole Class Acting – Sarah Breckley has an activity where they have a story and every kid in the class gets a role- main characters, supporting characters, tree, beach, boat, map, etc. Then she reads the story and they pop in and out to act.
  • Strip Mini Books Spanish Playground