Aims of My Blog:

Taking a leaf out of Kathy’s book (see My Teaching Travels”) I have decided to start my own blog to record all the things i’ve been doing in and out of class which have helped make me a better teacher and also helped to increase student engagement and lesson quality.
After reading Kathy’s last post about Pinterest, it really made me realise just how much research i do in my spare time. It also made me question the value of research if all one does is research without actually trialling it. Maybe it is time though to start using some of the great ideas i have discovered! I have found heaps of great ideas but rarely find that something that i can use straight away. Is this because my ‘research’ is too broad and i need to focus directly on what i am teaching at the moment? Is it because there is very little (make that almost nothing!) specifically on teaching Indonesian? Why is there heaps and heaps for spanish and, French etc, but almost nothing on Indonesian? Maybe this blog can start to address that issue too! Is it because i lack courage to trial new ideas? I hope not. Is it because i lack time to tweak them all to suit the year level i am working with. I do seem to spend an awful amount of time on the computer/iPad these days as it is. How does everyone else manage this without hours and hours online/ on the computer?
So, here I go: i would like to begin recording all that i do so that in the future i can look back and if i ever need a record of my “training”, this will help prompt my failing memory! Hopefully it will also help me work out how to streamline my ‘research’ so that i can balance my teacher prep with teaching time. It seems way out of balance at the moment.
Yuk, Yuk Semua ……
Lets go everyone…

One thought on “Aims of My Blog:

  1. Uchan says:

    Hi, I’m Uchan and I’m from Indonesia
    It’s nice to see other people using our language. Of course I’d love to hear about your experience teaching Indonesian language (as a second language).


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