Using Memes in Spanish

What a fantastic idea! I think this is a great idea and would work very well with upper primary students.

What’s the most important thing in a foreign language class? To give students comprehensible input and show them the language in context. When you can accomplish this and entertain the kids at the same time to keep their interest, you’ve got yourself a win-win situation. During the Food Unit, we decided to google image search some vocabulary words/terms and we found some delicious memes.

Google Image Search is such an easy way to show students differening vocabulary. Want to compare the word “tortilla” in Mexico and in Spain? Google Image Search “Tortilla” and “Tortilla española”. The students can clearly see the difference directly from the pictures. Can same comparisons with “torta” and “torta de chocolate”

Anyway, we found some great memes incorporating the phrases “Tengo hambre” and “Estoy lleno”.

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