Australian Blog Honour Roll – What Would The Criteria Be?

As I was checking my Twitter account, I followed a link leading to an EdTech’s (Must Read) K – 12 Blog Honor (sic) Roll.’ ‘ Here it is.
I looked at a few of the blogs on the list and they are amazing but with a definite North American view.
It really started me thinking. Firstly do we have quality EDTechies blogging to create an Australian Honour Roll? Of course we do!! While I love the enthusiasm of the USA blogs, I would prefer blogs relevant to me, to my teaching and most importantly based on the Australian Curriculum.
So I tweeted to ask just that question and within minutes had my first reply!:

I next thought about what criteria I would consider to be of value to someone like me; i.e. a practicing teacher. What would I find of value to read about in blogs?
Following are the dot points I came up with:
-High focus on using technology to support Australian Curriculum
-current practicing teacher or one who is working with teachers
-focus on global learning
-creating digital citizens
-grappling with the Australian Curriculum
-A Languages & Culture focus (would be awesome!)
-Great ideas on how to achieve all of the above

So maybe if I am searching for such a blog, others are too? Could this be the direction this blog could head in because surely I am not the only (Languages) teacher out there searching for blogs that include all of the above dot points! While I am in no way an EDTech guru, I am happy to share my explorations but would love to share with others at the same skill level but more importantly would love to read blogs from those with more EDTECH skills and knowledge and working in the classroom.

Any other ideas to add to my list of criteria? Add a comment!!

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