Listen & Draw

At the end of last term when both myself and the students were worn out, I tried ‘Listen & Draw’ using the fantastic clear folders I bought at the end of last year. Inside each folder I put a sheet of A4 paper. I bought a packet of large green wipes which I cut into quarters and one is stored inside the folder while the pen slips into the elastisized pen holder at the top. Very compact.

As an end of term activity, I can totally recommend this as it was so peaceful and enjoyable. It gave me a chance to rest my voice while giving me the opportunity to assess the acquisition of all students with the target structures we focused on last term ;- 

mau – want
kasih – give
punya – has  &
makan/minum – eat/drink. 

Here’s how I did it. I firstly showed students a notebook file containing clipart pictures of vocabulary such as bus (grammar pop up opportunity for Indonesian pronunciation) to not only help students turn their language switches back on but to also give them ideas on how to draw certain objects. I then said a sentence that included one of the target structures, a familiar character and cognates and asked students to illustrate it while repeating it several times. Perfect for getting in more repetitions! The students absolutely loved this activity and I can see how easy it would be to overuse this as it was just so enjoyable for everyone. 

For more information, I recommend watching this series of youtube videos by Dianne Neubauer, a Chinese TPRS teacher.

Here are a few of the illustrations from students in years 1 – 4:

Batman mau pizza.


Patrick mau sprite


Monyet mau ikan   




Patrick kasih Spongebob sprite  


Pak Hudson punya bus      


Spongebob mau sprite     



Unikitty mau pizza



Olaf kasih Patrick krabby patty      



Monyet makan ikan       

Such a pity in some ways that all illustrations were erased as they were sooooo good! 

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