Senor wooly – Spanish Teacher Extraordinaire 

How cool is Senor Wooly? He has made lots of resources for students & spanish teachers  who for a fee, can access them all. The videos are fabulous and while designed for high school students, are so humorous, they would appeal to primary students equally.

Have you heard of anyone creating resources such as these for Indonesian students and teachers?  Materials which are engaging and compelling for students and provide the perfect medium for providing comprehensible input in the Indonesian classroom. If so, please add a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Senor wooly – Spanish Teacher Extraordinaire 

  1. Kirsten Stobbe says:

    Hi Ibu Cathy! We are working on some materials out of Canberra. Many online videos are too long, too colloquial or just not appropriate for school students. It may take most of this term but we will send you links when we have something to share. Kirsten

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    • bucathy says:

      What I like about Senor Wooly’s videos is that they are highly repetitious. Is that a critical part of the videos you are planning to create too? Will the vocabulary also be mainly centered on the top 10 Indonesian most frequently used words? I would love to find out more about the materials you are about to create. Is there anywhere I can ‘visit’ to learn more?


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