Sharing Great Ideas – Membagi Ide Bagus

Due to a nasty virus, I’ve lately had plenty of ‘rest’ time enjoying interesting online articles. I’ve also discovered the ‘add to reading list’ button at the top right corner of my ipad which has been very handy for bookmarking and saves me having to go backwards and forwards between apps and safari. 

Here are a couple (tongue in cheek) that I would like to share with you all:

  • Have you heard of contextualised chanting? Read this blog post by Michel and learn about it. What a great way of having a brain break and getting some bonus repetitions in!
  • I got a lovely surprise yesterday when following a link to this google doc listing CI reading activities on the Tristate TCI – Teaching World Languages with Comprehensible Input facebook page, included  a link to this blog!! 
  • Also on that facebook page was this video demonstrating the airplane activity, another  ‘post story’ activity.
  • Have you discovered Senor Fernie’s blog? I love it because it has an elementary/primary school aged focus. He has just finished a series of posts dedicated to junior primary story telling.Here is the the first one: Enjoy
  • Have you watched any of the Musicuentos Black Box podcasts yet? I’ve seen a few and each one has been fascinating. They only go for about 5 or so minutes and give a good general overview of the topic being discussed. Here is videocast number 7 (Overcoming Resistance to 90% Target Language Use) and number 6 (The Inescapable Case For Extensive Reading).
  • Somewhere to share posted recently a fun story review game. I think the game has great potential but I wonder how to avoid students recognising each others handwriting? Could the story sentences be typed up by the teacher beforehand and distributed randomly or selectively? 
  • Here are a few videos I bookmarked. 1. Willy Winako & Dara singing Suara Perjuangan. 2. A fun video illustrating how some well known western words would sound if pronounced ‘properly’ (can only find the link on facebook, but hopefully soon it will be on youtube!) and is an edited version of the original. 3. Another video from facebook which thankfully has a youtube link – about a current topic – the Indonesian forest fires, and finally 4. Goodnews Indonesia
  • I am following Martina Bex on facebook which randomly promotes links to previous blogposts. This one came up last week and could be useful for term 4 if you are looking for ways in which to add some TPRS fun to the end of the year. It is all about the many ways we can use songs in the Languages classroom. 
  • Have a look at this amazing collection of brainbreaks. While not all are appropriate, there are enough great ones here to make it worthwhile. Some of the video links are hilarious and I am sure could easily be adapted to Indonesian. How about this one for example? Imagine the language repetition for a short target structure? 
  • Creative Language Class posted recently about how she teaches her school curriculum using TPRS pedagogy. I love the way she identifies the key skills and then lists ideas of how this could be achieved.
  • Saving the best till last –  the link to the most recent edition of the IJFLT (The International Journal of Foreign Language Teachers).  This contains many interesting articles by a selection of well known TCI/TPRS teachers. Past issues are also available.

Happy reading and hopefully I haven’t included too many links? Maybe add some of them to your ‘reading list’ for the upcoming holidays which will be here faster than we can imagine!

3 thoughts on “Sharing Great Ideas – Membagi Ide Bagus

  1. Anne MacKelvie says:

    I love your posts! Thanks so much for all the links. I would be very interested in visiting your school and classroom in Term 1 next year for some inspiration. Would that be OK with you and your prin? Pls could you let me know the name of your school? (PM me if you like) I am in Melbourne.


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