Kata Sandi – Passwords

Bryce Hedstrom has been updating frequently his blog post about secret class passwords and I’m curious! Would it work in the primary school? Would it work with large classes? 

The idea is that the teacher meets the  students at the classroom door before each lesson and like entering a secret clubhouse, students say the class password before entering. Passwords can either just be a fun word, a phrase or a response to a set teacher question (eg siapa nama?). The password can be changed as frequently as is necessary and this would depend on how often the teacher sees each class per week. For me, I teach some classes once a week and some twice, so I would start with a weekly password.  The passwords that Bryce has used cover a huge range of words/phrases and his latest additions includes morals like ‘slow and steady wins the race’. 

For my students, though, I can see the benefits of this idea with:

  1. Kenalkan questions eg siapa nama, tinggal dimana, berapa umur, suka warna apa etc
  2. Slang exclamations which would be useful/cute during story asking eg NGP (gay-en-peh –  gue nggak peduli)
  3. Repetition opportunity for target structures

Go to Bryce’s website and read what he has written so far and then enjoy fossicking around all the other fantastic resources and suggestions he has shared. 

2 thoughts on “Kata Sandi – Passwords

  1. Bryce Hedstrom says:

    I think the password idea would work with elementary school students. I have had some positive feedback from primary teachers and the younger kids seem to buy in even more than the high school kids.
    –Bryce Hedstrom


    • bucathy says:

      Thanks Bryce!! I’m going to trial it for sure as it fits beautifully with providing students with input ready for kursi luar biasa (special student interviews – oops, can’t remember the Spanish!!)


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