TPRS Indonesian – Find it on Facebook!

Yesterday I finally worked out (with Googles help) how to create a Facebook page! I have been thinking about the value of a Facebook page dedicated to TPRS Indonesian teachers for several months now and finally convinced myself that it was worth a shot! What tipped the balance for me has been the recent posts on various TPRS facebook pages that have been awesome. I realised that we (TPRS Indonesian teachers) need a forum through which we can share useful Facebook posts, our own personal blog posts as well as short personal annecdotes with each other as well as ask each other for help, clarification or feedback specific to teaching Indonesian via TCI. 

So, check it out, like the page and then feel free to contribute in anyway that supports your own understanding of TPRS in the Indonesian classroom! I look forward to seeing you there!

3 thoughts on “TPRS Indonesian – Find it on Facebook!

  1. Jessica Mills says:

    Hi Bu Cathy. Look for primary Indonesian language teaching on fb. We have a group of over 100 Indonesian language teachers sharing ideas. We also have a wikispace where we share files. 🙂


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