Awesome Preposition Indonesian Brain Break – Mi, Mi, Mi

One of the fantastic things we learned last week from our AIYEP visitors was a hand clapping rhyme that my middle and upper primary students absolutely loved.

Farah typed out the tweaked lyrics and I put them up on the smart board.

Mi, Mi, Mi

mi atas, mi bawah

mi depan, mi belakang

mi satu, dua, tiga

mi empat, lima, enam

mi ciyo, ciyo, ciyo

mi gulung, gulung, gulung

gulung-gulung kasur


I firstly asked the students to watch  Kak Farah, Kak Ricky, Kak Oscar & Kak Rini. They paired up and demonstrated the hand clapping rhyme. After a few repetitions, I then asked for volunteers to come forward and have a go with the ‘kakaks’. The aim was to get as many repetitions of the rhyme as possible before the students did it themselves and this would increase both their confidence and chances of success!! Again, the volunteer students had 2 goes with their mentor kakak’s.  The class then looked at the lyrics briefly. This was to purely show them what had been chanted and also to quickly translate to explain most of the hand movements.

Students were then asked to choose a partner (student or kakak partner) and be ready to start. We all together chanted satu, dua, tiga, (1,2,3) then began the hand clapping rhyme following along with the kakak’s. There was much hilarity while students had a go for the first time with a partner. Again, for the final time, students were asked to repeat the rhyme with this partner. Then to ramp it up, I asked everyone to change partners, ala Pak Iriantos’ workshop at ASILE. We continued chanting the rhyme and changing partners over and over again, after each run through. It was a great way for students to get repetitions on the rhyme with new partners in a fun way.

Here is a snippet showing you just how much fun it was:

4 thoughts on “Awesome Preposition Indonesian Brain Break – Mi, Mi, Mi

  1. chezza50 says:

    Hi, new to this site. Love this idea of Brain Break. However, can you please put up the English translation of Mi Mi Mi. Just having trouble with a few words as it doesn’t seem to make sense in English. Thank you.


    • bucathy says:

      This rhyme is a traditional Indonesian one that doesn’t translate fully; but here goes;
      Mi, mi, mi,
      mi above, mi below
      mi in front, mi behind,
      mi, one, two, three
      mi four, five, six
      mi chiyo chiyo chiyo
      mi dutchwife, dutchwife, dutchwife,
      dutchwife, dutchwife, dutchwife, mattress
      Play rock paper scissors with partner.


      • Mei Turnip says:

        Hi Bu Cathy,
        This is awesome. I will use it in my class, thank you for posting it. However, for gulung gulung gulung, it means roll… roll… roll… 🙂
        Again, thanks for posting it.


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