Coaching Students ala Alina Filipescu

It’s a fact! I love watching Alina Filipescu’s TCI  YouTube videos. When I discover a new one, I watch it repeatedly, picking up new ideas each time. She is a true master in my eyes. I am in awe of her TCI skills and the rapport she has with her students. 

This is my latest favourite video as it clears up the mystery for me of how she coaches her students to respond to her various cues. I’ve always wondered how she did that. 


4 thoughts on “Coaching Students ala Alina Filipescu

  1. Karen Keal says:

    Hi Cathy,
    I really like the idea of looking at someone who is good at Circling. However, I struggle to understand this one as I don’t understand Spanish. Am I missing something. Terry spoke to us only in Hawaiian and I ‘Got It’. Do you have any suggestions of good examples that I may be able to view?
    Karen Keal

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  2. Heidi Lindgren says:

    This is great. I needed to see this today.
    I have had to start watching the experts again, as I felt myself slipping back in to old habits.

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