Brain Break – So Much Potential!

I found this YouTube clip during the holidays:

Marina menari di menara (Marina dances in the tower) or in other words – the perfect way to have fun with word order incorporating target structures while standing, singing and doing the actions for each word.

This term my year 2 target structures include immediate family vocabulary (ibu, bapak, adik, kakak) and tidur (sleep). Thus this brain break lends itself perfectly to getting reps on all. The tune reminds me of ‘She’ll be coming round the mountain.” When creating your own, I highly recommend including a cognate in the phrase. For my context, my year 2 students are familiar with ‘klinic’ and the idea of their parents do these actions in the clinic, will hopefully add a level of quirkiness! However, you may need to get reps on a place, so your cognate could then be either the who or the what.

This week, I hope my year 2’s have fun with this brain break using the following lyrics and slides.

Slide 1

Bapak berdansa di klinic
Bapak berdansa di klinic
Bapak berdansa, bapak berdansa,
Bapak berdansa di klinic.

Slide 2

Ibu tidur di klinik
Ibu tidur di klinik
Ibu tidur, ibu tidur,
Ibu tidur di klinik

Slide 3
The final slide will be where I will mix it up, pointing to the images as I say them!
For example, Bapak tidur di klinik or Ibu berdansa di klinic.

The levels of challenge you could add to this are endless. Once my students are familiar with the brain break, I will play with the word order.
ibu tidur di klinik,
di klinik ibu tidur,
ibu tidur, ibu tidur,
ibu tidur di klinik.


4 thoughts on “Brain Break – So Much Potential!

  1. toviona says:

    Hi You’re so clever! I appreciate your blog and sharing your resources and game ideas. The awesome chair reward has started off really well in my classes. I look forward to trying this song out too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bu Anne says:

    You could also have ‘di kelas’ as your cognate and have different kids doing different actions! Reminds me of the Susi tidak suka sushi (or whatever it was) brain break we came up with for sitting and standing on the ‘s’ sound!

    Liked by 1 person

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