Sepak Takraw: Soccer or Volleyball? Neither.

sepak takrow would be such a great topic, so here I am collecting more resources!!


“While walking through campus at SMAN 7, Kendari in Southeast Sulawesi, it’s difficult not to notice the sprawling scissor -kicks and diving headers of the students playing Sepak Takraw.  Sepak Takraw, meaning “kick ball” in Malay, is not a competition for the uncoordinated and inflexible.  The game is played similarly to volleyball, with a single-point system, rectangular court and elevated net; however, unlike volleyball, a player cannot use their hands.  Thereby, the three participants on each team have to relay the ball over the net (without it touching the ground, or going out of bounds) using a combination of feet, legs, chest and head.” 


“The ball used in Takraw has a circumference of 17 inches and is woven out of a material called rattan.  The rattan ball has a hard surface, but is very forgiving with its lightweight and hollow center.  The game begins when a player on the serving team…

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