This is what happens when a colleague comments on a post…..

Last weekend I posted on the Indonesian class blog about the vocabulary students have been focusing on this term. One of my colleagues commented that she too would like to learn some of this vocabulary which immediately set me thinking about the ways in which I could achieve that.
I am very impressed with my brainwave, as were the students who were only too happy to assist me with my plan.
Here it is:
I ran off a black and white copy of certain flashcards and then handed them out to students. Their task was to illustrate one of the words clearly so that their classroom teacher could ‘translate’ them immediately on sight. Students did a brilliant job and when they were laminated, the colours became even more vibrant.
I had great pleasure delivering the first set to Sandy W. on Thursday with a packet of blutack so that she can now label classroom objects around her room eg, the clock, the door, the white board, etc.
I now look forward to hearing the feedback from students about Sandy’s efforts of using and understanding these words in her classroom!



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