Write, Draw, Pass

This idea could word well with the prepositional language I am planning to introduce this week to uper primary students! as well as reviewing classroom objects. Imagine a picture of “pena diatas lem”

The Comprehensible Classroom

This is one of my favorite party games, which Ashley VanHemert so brilliantly reminded me to use in the classroom! She heard of the idea from Amy Wright at UAF. This is an excellent activity for Preferred Activity Time.

STEP ONE: Give each student one side of this form (I put two forms/page to save paper):

Write, Draw, Pass *Updated on 03/26/2012

STEP TWO: You have several options. In Box #1, in the target language, …

  1. Have students write a creative, descriptive sentence (ex: a fat dog with big eyes runs to the store).
  2. Have students write a descriptive word image (ex: a pretty girl with long hair)
  3. Write (1) or (2) for students so that they don’t have to think of them. Here are some that I recently used in one of my classes:

**Make sure students only include colors if you are planning to use crayons or colored…

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