Twitter Time

So many ideas here for me to reflect on. I have an Indonesian language class Twitter account which some classes adore using, but it seems there are a million other ways to utilise it in my classroom which would make it equally engaging for other classes. Do other Indonesian teachers have twitter accounts and how do you use it? So far, I have mainly used it as a tool for classes to reflect upon and then summarise the learning we have done in class that lesson. With the Junior primary classes, I encouraged them to use Twitter to tweet their inquiry questions about volcanoes. This was not so successful except for one of our amazing fathers who is following us and together with his daughter, they would go online and then tweet back the answers. How awesome is that!!

Learning and Growing

It makes my heart happy to see so many teachers creating class Twitter accounts.  Having a one has created some wonderful learning opportunities for my students over the past two years. I’ve learned a few things (sometimes the hard way) so thought I’d share some things in the hope that it can help others.

One of the first things to you need to do is create a Twitter handle – I chose @Millgrove4H.  I would probably use something different now because I’ve learned to

  •  pick a name that will last
  • keep it short
  • make it memorable

 When selecting a name, try to choose something suitable that will continue through the years.  As teachers, we often change grades and even schools.  (As well, we discovered that using a school name can make your site simple to find during a Mystery Skype).  It’s a good idea to try to keep…

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