Masterchef Unit?

This post was originally uploaded last year as a page and in a reorganisation of my blog, I have decided to delete the page and reload this as a post.

How about a unit on cooking incorporating iPads and interactive smart boards? How fantastic. Have just stumbled across a Spanish teachers blog which included a fantastic idea for doing just this. The unit starts with simple cooking recipe YouTube videos. So i guess, my first task is to track some Indonesian cooking youtube videos down and if none are there, then add that to my list of resources to collect while in Jakarta with Bu Valentina or Kalimantan with Bu Arfa.
After watching one, The students then use an app on the iPad to complete a cloze. So much more motivating than doing it on paper. Although, how do i keep a digital copy of it? And how do i manage this with only 6 iPads? Maybe in groups, 1 student has the iPad and the others do the task on paper?
The lesson then proceeds to use the smart board for students to make their own cooking tutorial video! Sounds amazing however i think we may have copyright issues about using google images. If so, then either i will have to photograph the ingredients and utensils myself or students will have to take their own photos beforehand! Can’t wait to investigate this use of the smart board!
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Hi Bu 🙂

I’ve been enjoying following your jalan2 blog! So much so that I have sung its praises on the wa-indon mailing list. Hopefully others will follow along too! Particularly enjoying your adventures in Kalimantan – somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit. Ahhhh!! To hop on a plane right now! I really love your photos and seeing things with a “teacher’s eye”. 🙂

I aim the MasterChef unit at yr8s in second semester. Once the Year 12s finish Term 4, we can access the cooking room and so I aim to do one “practical” lesson per week and one “theory” lesson 🙂 When we enter the cooking room, we -only- speak Indonesian (so classes are quite quiet… heh) but I find that the change in environment has a huge impact on kids’ willingness to speak the TL and creates a pretty clear boundary. Practical, hands-on lessons are also easier to facilitate in the TL I find, and the iPads come in handy because we can “beam” the action from the back of the room to the front of the room using AppleTV and a projector.

Last year we just spent Term 4 on “Masterchef” because we looked at the Olympics term 3, but this year we’re exploring it for the whole semester. It’s soooo much fun! I like styling lessons after the “challenges” on the show – mystery boxes, skills tests, invention tests, masterclasses, team challenges etc. and because students are playing a role they’re more likely to play along 🙂 We watch the show quite a bit but also do a lot of vocab building activities. We also have an immunity pin challenge – whoever gets the highest score in Language Perfect for the month wins a garuda pin and gets to trade it in for a “free lesson” of their choosing. They can go to the library for free time, or (if they give me advance notice) join another class. If we have a test on that day, they don’t have to re-take it at a later date. In previous years, no-one actually traded in their pin – they enjoyed wearing it too much and didn’t want to miss a lesson 😉

Tweet or email me your email addy and I can pass along some tasks if you like. It’s all a bit here and there, I keep promising myself to sit down and put it together properly, but that’s teaching for you!

We have a blog at and “signature dish” recipes (their major assignment) are at 🙂 We also published a bilingual cook book last year in collaboration with SAIMS, our sister school in Surabaya. Phew!! Now if only I could sell them…


I am really interested in your master chef unit. What year level do you aim it at? I have just watched a current master chef episode and I can see how students would enjoy it as the formular is identical to what our students would be familiar with in Australia.
PS have you seen my current travel blog (Jalan Jalan With Bu Cathy)? It is mainly for my students (primary) so they can see what I am doing on my travels. If there is a topic you are currently covering and you would like me to do some research, just let me know!


I’ve been doing a MasterChef Indonesia unit of work for 3yrs now – more than happy to share!! The 3rd season is all (legitimately) on YouTube and is fab! It’s sooooo drawn out that students follow along and don’t get overwhelmed because the format is incredibly familiar (and one if the judges is from Sydney!)

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