Week 4 Reflections

For various reasons, I wasn’t able to pre-read my scripts before each of the TPRS lessons last week. Usually, I sit in my classroom over lunch and refresh in my mind both my pre written scripts (see last weeks post) and watch TPRS YouTube videos which both helps me focus on the TPRS skill I will be targeting as well as confirming for me the benefits of TPRS. However last week, the year 6/7 classes were cooking (klepon) and while this only involved 2 classes, the running around ensured I clocked up well over 10,000 steps those days!
Facing year 5’s and 6’s holding my script in one hand while furiously trying to remember the gist of it so I didn’t have to keep looking at it and at the same time keeping the momentum going was very challenging. In fact so challenging, I felt very flat after both lessons (which were back to back lessons). On review, I realised I had failed everyone with my total dependence on my scripts ; both myself and the students. It had been a hodgepodge.
So for their next lessons, I ditched my scripts and followed my gut. I like to think I have a reasonable feel for the basic (VERY BASIC) concepts of PQA, so instead of focusing on my script, in both lessons, I was confident enough to build a dialogue using student input. My first request was to give our actor a name. Suggestions included many names I have never heard before. I went with one because I liked the sound of it; Stampy Longnose. Apparently he is a well known YouTuber! With the structure being ‘mau beli’ (wants to buy), we decided where Stampy Longnose wanted to go and what he wanted to buy. It was loads of fun and lots of laughs. I found that lesson so much more enjoyable.
With my second class, I tried something very different. After reviewing together the language structure (same as first class), I asked them to pair up and create a shopping dialogue. I gave them some planning and rehearsal time and then we listened to those who wanted to share. I gave no other information and interestingly not one pair used paper to create their dialogue. I was blown away by their grasp of all the language we have covered this term. One student, who has previously consistently struggled in Indonesian lessons, excelled. She worked with a partner who was absent last week, so their dialogue reflected mainly her learning and it was brilliant. She even used ‘terlalu mahal’ (too expensive) appropriately and with no prompting!! When I consider students like E, who are blossoming with TPRS pedagogy, it reinforces to me the huge positives of teaching a language this way.

Next week I want to focus on:
1. Teaching to the eyes
2. Determining the ‘Barometer Student’ in each class &
3. Speaking sllllooooowwwwlllllyyy…….

How was your week?

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