A Brief Introduction to the Guru, Stephen Krashen……

Last week, in my step 9 review meeting with my principal, we discussed my use of TPRS/CI in my Indonesian Language classroom and my desire to further develop TPRS proficiency in 2015.

He alikened TPRS with immersion, which was a light bulb moment for me. I suddenly realised that so far in my blogging, I haven’t introduced you to Stephen Krashen or his theories which underpin every aspect of TPRS.

Who is Stephen Krashen?
Stephen Krashen is professor emeritus at the University of Southern California, who moved from the linguistics department to the faculty of the School of Education in 1994. He is a linguist, educational researcher, and activist.
Source: Wikipedia

Watch this short clip taken from a lecture Stephen Krashen gave university students demonstrating the difference between ‘immersion’ and ‘TPRS/CI’.

Krashen’s theory of Language Acquisition is based on the following five hypotheses:
1. The Acquisition-Learning hypothesis
2. The Monitor hypothesis
3. The Input hypothesis
4. The Natural Order hypothesis
5. The Affective Filter hypothesis.

Across the Internet, many people quote Krashen:

IMG_0868.PNG Source: http://thelanguagedojo.com/2012/09/7-awesome-dr-stephen-krashen-quotes/

I hope you have found this post interesting. Hopefully this major jigsaw puzzle piece contributes to your understanding of TPRS and also helps clarify the big difference between ‘immersion’ and TPRS/CI; two entirely different pedagogies.

If you are interested in learning more about Stephen Krashen, I highly recommend this article:

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