Martina Bex is Luar Biasa!

Are you thinking that maybe you might like to dip your toes in the TCI/TPRS ocean this year? If so, then Martina Bex has a brilliant series about how to do this. Her latest post is called ‘TPRS 101 : Give it a Try’ and you can read it here. I highly recommend this post because she has clearly outlined the steps to follow for your first ever lesson. The only thing to keep in mind is that this is for secondary language teachers, so the questions I would ask  my primary students would be based entirely on language they are already familiar with mixed together with lots of cognates. Eg where did you go yesterday, who did you see yesterday, what did you eat, what did you drink? My students understand the Indonesian concept of ‘yesterday’ meaning sometime in the past, it might have actually been yesterday or it might have been last month. Very useful when simplifying language and keeping it comprehensible. 

For my students I could introduce the target structure ‘dapat’ (am thinking dikasih may be too confusing. ) ‘Dapat apa?’ And then ask that student ‘Dapat Xbox tetapi mau apa?’ Which uses all familiar language except ‘dapat’ which is the vocabulary being targeted and has to be used repetively to ensure acquisition. 

What other questions could we ask Indonesian students whose vocabulary is very limited? Feel free to add in the comment section below. 

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