A terrific Brainbreak For All Year Levels

Students need constant brain breaks to help them both lower their affective filter and also to literally give their poor brain a break. I found the following YouTube clip and it translates beautifully into Indonesian and it is a great break which has been enjoyed by all ages. When I first introduced it to one of my year 7 classes, I tried to do the whole game – starting with introducing all the movements just as the fellow does in the clip:

– berjalan kaki (walk) & stop

– berdansa (dance) & melompat (jump)

– nama (name) & tepuk tangan (clap)

These structures are all 100% familiar to my students through TPR (Total Physical Response) and TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading & Storytelling), but to be honest, any verb you have focused on or even one you would like to focus on, could be used instead (although jatuh *fall over* may not work well haha) 

I then began to introduce reversing the word pairs. I began with reversing berjalan kaki & stop which was highly successful probably because one of the words is a cognate. It added a new level of fun & challenge which the older students really enjoyed but when I reversed the next pair, the brainbreak quickly became hard work & student engagement dropped instantly. I defintely recommend saving that aspect of the brainbreak until much later when students are familiar with the instructions and only introduce one reversal at a time and just with classes who know these structures inside out! 

It is so cool when a whole class calss out the name at the same time!!  

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