TPR – Bop It

Googling for TPR ideas for upcoming lessons, I have just found this great idea….. in a comment on a blog post!! Just goes to show why feedback is valuable!

Apparently there is a hasbro game called Bop It! Here is link to the promo youtube video. For a laugh, also have a look here at this send up video!

While the practicality of passing one toy around a class of 30 students is totally and entirely crazy, I love the variety of actions and most would be great ones to add to either a Simon says game or simply an adapted whole class TPR styled Bop It game.

How about having all the students standing facing the teacher who says the actions one  after the other very slowly to start with and then when the students are ready, very gradually increase the rate of speech with each round.

The actions below are ones that are on the spot actions (no walking or running) and would work well with my students as they are largely ones that they are already familiar with from past stories:

minum – drink

melompat – jump

pukul – smack

bermain golf – play golf

selfie – take a selfie

makan – eat

menyanyi – sing

bermain ski – ski

tepuk tangan – clap hands

superman – one hand outstretched

wonder woman – twirling her golden lasso

hp/telpon – hand phone/phone



Please add anymore that you can think of!! Comments are awesome!

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2 thoughts on “TPR – Bop It

  1. Martin Anders says:

    Thank you for these nice ideas. Here are some more commands I used on the spot:
    – touch your nose/head/ears etc.
    – raise your arms/raise your left/right foot/your head
    – dance
    – knock at the door, open/close the door
    – look to the ceiling/window etc.
    – listen (gesture)
    – walk on the spot
    – stop
    – turn
    – smile/laugh/weep
    – eat/drink/any other activity that may be pantomimed

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